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  • Actuators are used to ensure precision with valve automation. Couple with accessories as limit switches and valves positioners, actuators are increasingly important in process and operating system. ECON and AMG brand pneumatic and electric operated valves actuators are available for all types of valves. Seetru actuators are also distributed by ERIKS.
  • Ball valves takes a leading role in the valve industry. The high flow capacity coupled with being very simple to mechanise makes ball valves ideal for many applications where an open/close facility is required. ERIKS supplies ball valves for all uses ranging from brass valves suitable for simple application to flanged stainless suitable for corrosive media. Special valves can be supplied on request. Brand includes ECON, AbK and FORCE.
  • ECON Buttеrflу valves comes in compact design and is highly suitable for high flow rates. Through the simple construction and the great variation in materials, butterfly valves are broadly applied for various media such as water, air, chemical and corrosive media. Material variety range from bronze, stainless steel, cast, ductible cast iron, die cast steel, alloys and PTFE/FKA liked. Types of Butterfly valves include Centric, double offset, triple offset, metal seted and double flanged.
  • Gаtе and glоbе valves are suitable for all kinds of process applications. These valves are suitable for all types of media, such as oil, gas, steam and corrosive liquids, making them a versatile selection. Modification can be done according to customer’s requirement. Brand includes ECON and Smith. Material variety range from forged/cast carbon/stainless stell, brass, bronze, cast, ductile cast iron and alloys.
  • Sight glasses are quick and easy inspection throughout the system. Glasses variety include Flat glass, domed glasses and reflex glasses.


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