Oil & Gas industry

Oil & Gas

Production, transportation and storage of oil & gas require extremely high quality piping components. ERIKS can meet your supply needs alongside your health, safety and environmental needs.

Petrochemical industry


High pressure & temperatures and critical process are all features that characterize the world of petrochemistry. A world in which ERIKS feels at home with our broad range of applicable products and services.

Chemical industry


With a wide range of high quality products and in-depth knowledge of materials, applications and regulations, ERIKS is your partner in improving the reliability of your chemical plant equipment.

Maritime industry


ERIKS has a complete understanding of the maritime industry. ERIKS has the products, expertise and resources to help. When time isn’t on your side, ERIKS is.

Food & Pharma industry

Food & Pharmaceuticals

In the food & pharma industry it is vital to have the highest quality products  to ensure safety and minimal downtime. ERIKS is focused on providing you, our customer, with excellence in that we do.

Machine & Equipment industry

Machine & Equipment

Original Equipment Manufacturers can rely on ERIKS’ extensive range of sealing & rubber technology and flow technology products. ERIKS is more than happy to share our know-how with our customers.

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