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The world of industrial manufacturing is changing fast. Within the scope of these changes there is a leading role for technology and people who are the driving force behind this technology. Passionate people who strive to make a difference. These people matter at ERIKS. Do you have an interest in technology and a passion for solving complex customer challenges? Then ERIKS could be the right place for you. Because you matter at ERIKS.

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Why we matter to you

We challenge you

At ERIKS, we offer you new challenges every day. We have customers contacting us each and every day with complex technical problems and providing solutions to these demands a combination of ingenuity, creativity and passion from our employees. It helps to be entrepreneurial and proactive, too.

We care about you

We are a family business, where people are the main focus. We are a strong collective in which our employees make all the difference, which is why we want to ensure that you are doing well, both from a physical and mental health point of view . Not only in work, but outside of work as well. For this reason, we provide excellent working conditions and organise a variety of activities and programmes designed to help you to continue your development.

We invest in you

ERIKS thinks in the long term. We want our employees to grow alongside us, which is why we consider your personal development a top priority. We continuously examine your progression throughout your career and assess how we can help you to achieve your full potential


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