Butterfly Seat / PS Seal

Service: Butterfly Seat / PS Seal
Industry: Food and Beverages
Customer: Concentration Manufacturer

This company manufacture and supply beverage concentrates for more than 1 billion consumers in 20 Asia-Pacific markets. Currently, facing issue on the Seal failure due to flavoring chemicals.

Case 1. Butterfly Valve Seat Failure

Butterfly valve seal is using FPM
Application Temp: below 50 Deg C
Pressure: below 5 bar

Identify the problem

OEM Seal facing major swell/Wrinkle/Peel off due to chemical attack. Different type of emulsions, flavouring chemicals in recipe that are non-disclosure.


Offer alternative material of higher grade. Technical suggest using PTFE seat, but PTFE is too rigid. Source for suitable rubber material in test button are provided for client to do dip test first. Once material identified , rubber moulding company to produce the exact seat and seal.


Completion of sampling and supplied in 2019 April. Shorten customer down time during maintenance. New ETP material now last 3 months comparing to FPM only 1.5 months.

Case 2. AF1 Oil Seal Failure

Oil Seal
Application Temp: below 50 Deg C
Pressure: low pressure
Media: Powder ( Very fine)

Identify the problem

Spring found at horizontal screw housing interior/ gasket worn out. Another oil seal facing motor – spring and gasket intact. Oil seal direct contact with Ingredient does not has FDA compliance.


With Support from Technical we had identified the PS seal for proposal. Compliance for FDA is required.


Supplied PS seal in 2019 May and received good feedback from their QC. Identified root cause with effective interim/preventive action to avoid recurrence.

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