More than just a trading company

Our group of technical distribution companies procures, stocks, processes, sells and distributes a wide range of high-quality engineering parts and provides a highly developed range of technical and logistics services. ERIKS is an innovative, progressive and flexible partner to its customers while also having sufficient market share and volume to have a very strong and complementary relationship with its manufacturing partners.

Expertise always on hand

Currently, ERIKS consists of approximately 8,000 employees, over 60 operating companies, and has a presence in 28 countries and 3 continents. ERIKS’ activities are divided into eight clusters, which each serve a specific geographical market area. ERIKS’ range of engineering parts and associated services is divided into eight core activities each having their associated product groups.

ERIKS your industrial supply partner

Working for more than 200,000 industrial customers supplying a range of more than 680,000 articles purchased worldwide from over 1,000 qualified suppliers/manufacturers requires an incredible 5 million shipments that are easily handled by the ERIKS logistics infrastructure. Sourcing of new producers and evaluation of existing suppliers and products occurs continually around the world to provide the most innovative, trustworthy and competitive products.

Independent brand policy

ERIKS sources and supplies a wide range of quality brands from stock. We have strategic agreements and strong relationships with these brand manufacturers that are of immediate benefit to our customers. However, ERIKS sensibly operates in a brand-independent manner allowing us to supply every product or quality level that you may require to match with any application.

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